• Can you buy a single phone at wholesale prices?

    Can you buy a single phone at wholesale prices?

    One of the more common things that come up is when a retail customer or even a wholesaler wants to order a small quantity of product or just an individual item.  It is certainly to find a device in a similar price range to wholesale but not as likely to get an individual item from a wholesaler.  

    Why don’t wholesalers typically sell individual units?

    When working with large quantities of a product a business changes how it functions and how it functions off profit.  When offering an item as wholesale or in bulk, the company can thrive off smaller profits where they only make a few dollars off each device but still end up stable because of the volume of devices being sold.  It is this same reason why on the cost point side they can have prices lower than individual item counterparts.  

    What if someone just wants to sample an item or companies product?

    What we do is offering sample orders that sometimes go below our normal minimum order requirements, buyers won’t be able to do an individual phone for a first order but we let them order fewer devices within reason on a first order.  Not every wholesaler may offer something like this, we are a little different because of how we stop sorting used devices beyond PGL condition.  This makes it so buyers sometimes might want to get a selection of product to see what that quality means and how they can benefit from using it.  

    How do you get a phone for prices similar to a wholesaler (individually)?

    If the phone is new it is very unlikely to come across unless there is a catch, some luck or other factors at play.  Used phones will always come from an individual originally.  Either they upgraded and did a trade in, maybe they just sold it to a store, pawnshop, ecoATM etc.  Because of this, your options are apps like offerup, sites like craigslist or eBay and any other individual to individual transaction methods.  

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