• Where can I buy used phones?

    Where can I buy used phones?

    There are many different ways to go about purchasing used devices, our company specializes in wholesale used phones but they may or may not be ready to go straight to a consumers hands.  If you can factor your goal on your purchase into the decision it can help limit your search.

    Something for personal usage.

    When you need a device for yourself you want something in good enough condition to last through your usage.  eBay can be a good source for leads as it heavily protects buyers if there are any issues conflicting with the description of the item (if a seller says like new, it is like new or you are getting your money back).  If you don’t want to deal with the fees and PayPal/bank transfers you can do cash dealings locally with craigslist or similar apps like LetGo.

    Phones to resell.

    If you are looking to resell phones you have to consider what condition you are buying them in.  For example, Macalegin Electronics performs some repairs on phones but doesn’t fully restore phones to a “refurbished” condition.   Nearly every wholesale or used phone distributor will have guides for the conditions of devices (most are fairly similar) ours is located here if you are curious.  What you can buy directly relates to what people are willing to buy from you.  Typically reselling emphasizes as much profit as possible so purchasing in volumes becomes ideal to get lower costs for the same item meaning more profit when they sell.

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