• Cell Phone Q&A from the community

    Cell Phone Q&A from the community

    Our Followers & Networks Had Questions About Phones, Here Are The Answers.

    Who will buy old or broken cell phones?

    Many companies do such as repair shops, pawn shops, some individuals on sites like craigslist or eBay. They buy them to either use them personally (and save money) or to repair if needed and resell. If the condition is too poor the phone is likely taken apart to salvage spare pieces out of it.

    PGL condition used phone

    How can l buy a used phone cell?

    Used cell phones (phone cells?) can be purchased from pawn shops and other stores like phone repair companies.  Consumers are most likely buying them from each other with platforms like craigslist.

    How to buy used unlocked iPhones for cheap in the US?

    Some of these might get a little repetitive, same answer as above! Regarding the cheap portion, the lowest cost would be directly from someone or getting them in bulk/wholesale.

    What websites are best for selling used cell phones?

    eBay can be handy for selling, it lets you market your phones and sell to consumers.  Regarding wholesale, there are various forums and sites

    How to sell off used old cell phones?

    this was already covered, read above.

    Which country is best to sell used and new cell phones?

    The USA of course (just kidding) but honestly, you can sell in any country.  We ship our used phones all over the world which can be tricky because different shippers have different rules and policies, costs, etc.  We covered a little bit about battery shipping in our post here for example.


    Can I sell phones internationally?

    Yes just make sure you research any rules for shipping them and know the different costs associated with it as some countries can be much more expensive than others to ship to depending on where you are starting the shipment.

    Where is the best place to sell my old cell phone for cash?

     If you need cash specifically it would have to be meeting another person to sell, maybe an eco-atm or a pawn shop.

    cash for used cell phones

    How is the idea to ‘sell used mobile phones’ as a startup?

    We aren’t business advisors but we know there is demand for used phones, maybe start small such as selling on eBay and see how it goes before you decide to scale it bigger.

    What should you do with old cell phones?

    It depends how old, if they have some value still you could possibly sell them or they might just have to be recycled, donated or turned in as e-waste. But before you do that, look into alternatives to throwing away your old phone.

    How to buy new and used mobile phones in Kabul, Afghanistan?

    we aren’t located in that region so outside of web search, we would suggest looking for local vendors through forums, groups, and wholesale posting sites.  We ship and sell internationally but it makes sense that you might want a local source to avoid shipping cost as well.

    Is it safe to buy a used phone on Amazon?

    Yes.  Sure there can be fake accounts or scammers but Amazon is very good at righting any wrongs and getting a buyer money back if there was an issue.  If you are purchasing from an independent seller just check the reviews if they have a few and they are decent you should be fine.

    What are the advantages of buying used cell phones online?

    You can do it from home or on your own time, it can be easy to compare prices, depending on the platform or site there can be great buyer protection.

    What are the disadvantages of buying used cell phones online?

    you may not be able to clearly see or examine the product you are buying.  The product may not match the description given so look for decent reviews, established companies, etc.

    Is it safe to buy used mobile phones on eBay?

    Stick to the same guidance of looking for decent reviews on accounts, regardless eBay does a great job protecting buyers.

    Can I sell obsolete cell phones?

    if they are so old that nobody wants them you might be stuck donating or dealing with them as e-waste.

    old used cellphone

    What are the benefits of buying a used mobile phone?

    we covered this earlier in the post, thanks for asking though!

    Is there any website to buy used mobile phones in bulk?

    we sell them (shameless self-plug here) along with many other companies out there.  Jump on your favorite search engine of choice, toss in “wholesale used phones” and roam through your options.

    Where can I sell unused cell phones in Berlin?

    Because we are based out of the US we don’t have an answer for locations in Berlin.  We suggest checking on local shops that do phone repair, pawn shops, electronics stores and see if any buy them.

    Where can I buy used phones in Germany?

    the same answer as was previously covered, since we aren’t located there we don’t have info.

    How to sell a cell phone for cash? What stores offer this?

    We answered the first part, stores offering this varies.  Eco-ATM’s are often in grocery stores or malls, most stores or pawn shops that buy them will have text or signs stating so.

    Is the import or export of used cell phones legal?

    check with your government regulations for where you reside.  Sorry, we aren’t here for legal advise/guidance.

    wholesale used phone shipment

    What is some advice on selling cell phones?

    check out our guide for selling on eBay for a good start.

    To whom does celebrities sell their cell phones?

    Our auto correct really wanted to change that one, all jokes aside they probably sell them normally or who knows if we were famous we would toss an autograph and eBay it off for profit.  Seeing as how we don’t know any celebrities we will have to leave this question as one of life’s great mysteries.

    Do USA unlocked phones work in India?

    They will if the bands your device uses match those of the region so do your research on what your device supports vs the region.

    Why isn’t silver used as much as gold in cell phones?

    We see plenty silver come through in our inventory but maybe where you live gold is more common.  It is honestly up to the consumer if people buy more gold phones the companies then know to manufacture more models in that color.  If you want companies to make more silver, buy silver phones! or at least silver cases if they don’t have your model in silver.

    How are cell phones used to trigger a bomb?

    This is an interesting one and going off a little bit on topic but why not? Just like how a switch works with a little more fancy technology involved.  I feel like whoever asked that would want more of an explanation so essentially there needs to be a complete circuit to complete whatever action the electronics or writing is meant to perform.  Wiring is hooked up to a phone so when it gets a message/call etc it sends a burst of electricity that triggers the result.  We are merely writing this for educational purposes and know this because we have veterans that work for us who unfortunately learned about this outside of a classroom.

    phone bomb explosion

    Where can I sell used phones in Singapore?

    same as our other answers similar to this.

    Is it safe to sell old cell phone?


    What is the best smartphone and should I buy a used phone?

    The “best smartphone” is quite subjective and constantly changes with the technology.  If you were to ask today you could look at features, hardware, capabilities, cost vs function etc.  Regarding if you should buy one used, it is your personal preference.  If you want to save money it can be a great option if the phone is in a condition you are ok with using.  Some used phones appear and function very similar to new phones, it just depends on how well the previous owner took care of it.

    What did people do before cell phones?

    Depends how far back you want to go, they had regular wired phones and before that telegrams and letters.  There was much more face to face communication and consumption of news and entertainment.

    Where can I buy a used/secondhand iPhone in New York City?

    we have covered this for the most part.

    Can we purchase refurbished mobiles?

    yes, you can, we don’t sell them instead we sell phones in lesser conditions that are typically purchased by the companies that do the repair/refurbishing work.

    Do cell phones use microwaves?

    cell phones operate on the spectrum between FM radio and microwaves so not quite.

    3g, 4g, or 5g network visualization

    Should I buy a used mobile phone or a new one?

    it is your personal preference if you are ok possibly having a cosmetically damaged device but saving money used might be the way to go.

    What are the uses of cell phones without their batteries?

    Paperweights, bug squashers, pretend phone calls when you don’t want to talk to someone, blocking telemarketers from calling since they can’t call if your phone doesn’t have a battery, increasing your productivity by reducing distractions

    Are iTunes cards used to buy minutes for a cell phone?

    no, they are for the app store for purchases like music and games

    Where can I sell my unused cell phones in Bangalore?

    same as previously covered.

    How is cryptography used in cell phones?

    it scrambles data so outside parties can’t interpret it (encryption in general). “Some phones will use a key generation system similar to Apple, which depends on the phone asking for the passcode during the switch-on process to access any information. Others will use something more complex called file-based encryption, which allows for varying levels of decryption and means some files like alarms are accessible before the passcode is inputted.” –source 

    How to Sell used mobile phones in Kabul Afghanistan?

    same as covered before.

    Why are we not allowed to use cell phones in the hospital?

    it’s a liability/privacy issue where they don’t want sensitive information about a patient to be overheard through a phone call nor do they want something captured on video that could later result in a lawsuit.  They want doctors focused on making the best decision at the moment instead of what would look best if they were being recorded.

    hospital beds

    What is the cheapest website to buy used phones from?

    it depends, cheapest overall would likely be in bulk/wholesale if you mean individually just getting a single or small quantity of phones more likely local sourcing or eBay.

    Do people buy costly used mobile phones in India?

    Some people do, we don’t have info regarding how popular more expensive devices are vs lower end.

    Should cell phones be used during class?

    we would say no.  If you are studying in a class you should be focused on what you are learning.

    Why shouldn’t you buy cell phones online?

    If you want to see the product up close and try it before you purchase.  Also if you want the item as soon as possible or to avoid shipping cost.

    Why aren’t NIMH batteries used for cell phones?

    Because lithium batteries weigh less and store more power

    mobile phone battery low

    How to sell your old phone for the most cash?

    For the most cash you would have to shop around, some companies purchase directly at rates near what you may be able to get from a private transaction with an individual.

    Where do I get used phones in Thane?

    same answer as previously discussed.

    Which is the best place in Dubai to buy used mobile phones?

    we don’t have this info, sorry.

    Can an old cell phone be used on a modern network?

    yes, just make sure your phones supported networks match your carrier.

    What does it mean for a product to be refurbished?

    The device was used, an open box, display model or returned item.  It has been tested, inspected, repaired (if needed) and cleaned to be as close to new/manufacturer condition as possible.

    Why do we use mobile phones too much?

    Our current culture encourages overstimulation making us get “bored” if we aren’t constantly getting information, entertainment, and well stimulation.  This makes many people rely on a phone just like a fidget spinner to entertain and pass idle time.

    two girls used smartphones

    What do carrier companies do with traded/used iPhones?

    Some may sell them to other companies, refurbish them, use them for parts, etc.

    How big is the used phones market in India?

    The sale of refurbished phones in India is expected to grow at a compound rate of 27% over the next two years. –source

    Can cellphones or smartphones be used as educational tools?

    Yes! there are many awesome legitimate apps and sources for education along with tools and references for learning.

    How do eBay sellers get phones so cheap?

    In bulk/wholesale most likely

    Do the cellphones from the ’80s still work?

    They probably still function, as far as connecting to networks the answer is like the one previously discussed where the hardware would have to use a current carrier network in that region.

    What is the best way to dispose of old cell phones?

    There is a great article with options for this here. 

    What is the cheapest way to get a cell phone?

    as mentioned either wholesale or new/used from a private party

    What is the most popular cell phone this year?

    a quick Google search to see and it looks like the iPhone X (for 2018)

    iphone x

    What are the types of rare metals within mobile phones?

    Europium, Cerium, Neodymium, Europium, Yttrium, and Terbium are commonly used to produce smartphone electronics.

    Should the use of cell phones be allowed in schools?

    This is something that is more of a debate. Our opinion is that Students should be free to use phones after class just not during class.

    How is ‘coltan’ used in our cell phones, iPad, and video games?

    Coltan, also known as columbite-tantilum is used in the internal capacitors and other electronic components to regulate current and voltage.

    Is it safe to buy a used cell phone without a box?


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