Frequently Asked Questions

Providing wholesale used phones distribution solutions. Buying and selling used phones from Macalegin frequently asked questions.

After selecting the product you would like to purchase from our inventory list, you can place an order by any of the following means:

Send us an email at
Call us at 307.399.6642
Message or call us on WhatsApp

We do carry a variety of tablets including Alcatel, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Verizon Ellipsis, and LG tablets.

We will on occasion carry products like smartwatches or laptops. We focus on supplying what our customers have a demand for. Up to this point, the only other devices we have carried are Apple Watches and MacBooks. We welcome requests for additional devices. Though it is not on our live inventory list, we do carry OEM parts for phone repair and sell those upon request.

Yes, you can find us on WhatsApp at the same number listed on the top left of our webpage - 307.399.6642

We accept PayPal, ACH, or Wire Transfers. We cannot accept credit cards. If you choose to use PayPal, we do add their processing fee to the invoice.

No, we are a wholesaler and have a minimum order requirement of 10 units or $1,000 USD. We do negotiate a lower purchase quantity for first time buyers as needed, but we cannot sell just one device.

Yes, in order to receive regular updates about our inventory and price changes you will need to Subscribe to our newsletter.

We regularly send out our inventory updates through our newsletter and WhatsApp. We will also send out different deals and sales, primarily on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.

We are a used electronics wholesaler. We primarily sell used or second-hand smartphones and tablets, but we do sell OEM parts as well.

Our warehouse is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

We do have a buyback program for companies or individuals with a large quantity of devices. We do not offer a buyback program for individuals.

We will charge all transactions in US Dollars. It is the buyer’s responsibility to convert the currency if needed and to pay all fees associated with such a transaction.

Being conscious of the impact electronic waste has on the environment, we have enhanced our ability of re-using a large part of electronic waste. Parts that are still salvageable are sold to companies who specialize in repairing those parts. The remainder of the scrap is then sent to a recycling center.

We send out our price lists in our newsletter. You can subscribe to our newsletter or request a pricelist at

Macalegin is pronounced [mə́-ké-lɛ́-ǰɪ́n], or [mah-keɪ-lɛ-ʤɪn] – (spelled out in IPA format).