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Providing wholesale used phones distribution solutions. Buying and selling used phones from Macalegin frequently asked questions.

After looking over our live inventory, you can place an order by contacting us through one of the methods listed below. WhatsApp inquiries typically get the quickest response.

Send us an email at
Call us at 307.399.6642
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We do carry a variety of tablets including Alcatel, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Verizon Ellipsis, and LG tablets.

We will on occasion carry products like smartwatches or laptops. We focus on supplying what our customers have a demand for. Up to this point, the only other devices we have carried are Apple Watches and MacBooks. We welcome requests for additional devices. Though it is not on our live inventory list, we do carry various used OEM parts for phone repair and sell those upon request.

Yes, our WhatsApp number is 1-307-399-6642. To contact us on WhatsApp, click here.

We accept PayPal, ACH, or Wire Transfers. We cannot accept credit cards. If you choose to use PayPal, we do add their processing fee to the invoice.

No, we are a wholesaler and have a minimum order requirement of 10 units or $1,000 USD. We do negotiate a lower purchase quantity for first time buyers as needed, but we cannot sell just one device.

Our product prices are not listed on our website. We send out our inventory with pricing via our email distribution list. To receive a pricelist, subscribe to our newsletter or request a current pricelist by emailing us at

We send inventory updates via email and WhatsApp twice a week. We post special deals on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We are a used electronics wholesaler. We primarily sell used or second-hand smartphones and tablets, but we do sell used OEM parts as well.

Our warehouse is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

We do offer buyback options for companies and individuals with a large quantity of devices. We do not offer a buyback program for individuals.

We will charge all transactions in US Dollars. It is the buyer’s responsibility to convert the currency, if needed, and to pay all fees associated with such a transaction.

Being conscious of the impact electronic waste has on the environment, we have enhanced our ability to repair a very high percentage of the damaged phones and tablets we receive. Parts that are still salvageable are added to our inventory for future repairs or sold to companies who specialize in repairing those parts. Remaining electronic waste is then sent to an R2 certified recycling center.

Macalegin is pronounced (mah-kay-ledge-in), or [mah-keɪ-lɛ-ʤɪn] – (spelled out in IPA format).

We do not. The advantage of our grading system is that you can get A grade product at a lower price! Our PGL product consists of approximately 80% A/B grade and 20% C grade. Please note that this is an average ratio and will vary depending on the product.

No, we do not offer the option to purchase only A-Grade product from us. We have a high ratio of A and B-Grade product in our PGL product. If we were to sell only A-Grade devices, it would significantly lower the overall cosmetic ratio of our PGL product.

Primarily, yes. All of our product will come with a back and battery unless it has a condition modifier of “-NB”. For example, if you see our list with a condition of PBL, it will have a Back and battery. However, if you see a condition such as PBL-NB, the device uses an external battery but does not have one included. It may or may not have a battery door.

The extent to which we will test our phones and tablets depends on their condition. Though we do not fully test our PGL and PFL product, we have found that by testing the key functions on phones and tablets, over 85% of our PGL and PFL product is fully functional. You can see exactly how extensively we test our phones in the table below.

GradeExtent of Testing
PGLCHECKED:LCD, Digitizer, Cracked Glass, Volume Buttons, Power/Lock Button, Home Button, Touch ID (iPhone Only), Charge Port, Cameras, Microphones, Speakers, Wi-Fi, Test Call (iPhone Only)
UNCHECKED:Bluetooth, Wireless Charging, Battery Health/Charge Capacity
PFLCHECKED:LCD, Digitizer, Cracked Glass, Volume Buttons, Power/Lock Button, Home Button, Touch ID (iPhone Only), Charge Port, Cameras, Microphones, Speakers, Wi-Fi, Test Call (iPhone Only)
UNCHECKED:Bluetooth, Wireless Charging, Battery Health/Charge Capacity
PFDCHECKED:LCD, Digitizer, Volume Buttons, Power/Lock Button, Home Button, Touch ID (iPhone Only), Charge Port, Cameras, Microphones, Speakers, Test Call (iPhone Only)
UNCHECKED:Cracked Glass, Bluetooth, Wireless Charging, Battery Health/Charge Capacity
UNCHECKED:Digitizer, Cracked Glass, Volume Buttons, Power/Lock Button, Home Button, Touch ID (iPhone Only), Cameras, Microphones, Speakers, Wi-Fi, Test Call (iPhone Only), Bluetooth, Wireless Charging, Battery Health/Charge Capacity
UNCHECKED:LCD, Digitizer, Cracked Glass, Volume Buttons, Power/Lock Button, Home Button, Touch ID (iPhone Only),Charge Port, Cameras, Microphones, Speakers, Wi-Fi, Test Call (iPhone Only), Bluetooth, Wireless Charging, Battery Health/Charge Capacity

We do not provide accessories for phones, tablets, or smart watches. However, we periodically have opportunities to purchase CPO product that is kitted with accessories. Any product that has accessories with be clearly noted.

Yes. We check all of our phones and tablets for Activation Lock and FRP. If there is a device that is locked, we will indicate it in our conditions list with "-AL". For example: PFL-AL

Verizon and AT&T devices rarely have IMEI issues, so we do not check those. T-Mobile and Sprint devices are always checked, and we will indicate an IMEI issue on our conditions list with “-IMEI”. For Example: PFD-IMEI

A lot of newer phones now have an all glass back. Though we do not guarantee that the back is not cracked, we will generally ensure that there are no cracks on PGL and PFL product. PFD, PBD, and PBL product may contain cracked back glass.

We receive phones and tablets in a variety of conditions. We do our best to be sure devices are free of markings, dirt, adhesive, and residue. However, we do not perform full cosmetic refurbishment on our devices.

Devices that are not new and have been previously used are commonly referred to as “used devices” or “pre-owned devices”. There is not any differentiation between the two terms. Devices can also be referred to as “certified pre-owned” which is different than a “pre-owned” device. These devices have been used but are strictly inspected for any issues that may have developed since shipment from the original factory and are typically like new. We rarely sell certified pre-owned devices.

Yes. We functionally grade our phones so that out buyers can determine which condition works best for them. Whether you are in the phone refurbishing business, a secondhand or used phone reseller, or specialize in fixing cracked glass, we have various products geared to fit your needs. You can find detailed descriptions of all our product here.

We check unlock status for every device in our inventory. Devices that are we confirm to be unlocked will say “Unlocked” instead of their original carrier name. The only exception to this is Verizon phones. Verizon phones come factory unlocked. We do not test or specify if Verizon phones are unlocked.

It is the buyer's responsibility to determine which devices will work in their country. To be sure that your phone will work for your carrier or in your country, we recommend that you double check your phone’s compatibility with one of the following sites. or

These are devices that have been unlocked but will not work within the United States.

These are devices that have been unlocked but will only work for United States mobile phone carriers.

CDMA Unlocked are Sprint or Verizon devices that we have verified are unlocked. GSM Unlocked devices that are unlocked that used to be tied to a GSM mobile service provider. In some cases, devices will be cross-compatible between GSM and CDMA networks.

We do accept returns. Please review our return policy here. The cost of returning product is the buyer's responsibility. In order to reduce shipping costs, we are willing to work with our international customers on partial credits for product that has been received “not as described”.

If a phone is damaged during transit, we will work with UPS to get you a refund for damaged product. If a phone falls under our Warranty and you wish to process an RMA, we will work with you to find the best solution for that issue whether it is a partial refund or returning product for credit.

Carefully follow these 5 steps to ensure the fastest possible reimbursement for damages.

Not following these steps may result in your claim getting denied.

  1. Photograph the damaged box showing the damage from 3 different angles as well as the shipping label. An example would be pictures of the top, front, and side of the box including the shipping label in one of the pictures taken.
  2. Open the box and photograph the devices in the box before removing any of them. Be sure to include packing material used.
  3. Remove and photograph all the damaged product.
  4. Important! Save the box, all packing material, and damaged product. If this is not done UPS may not reimburse damages.
  5. Notify us of the damage. Include all images, an invoice or tracking number, and the asset or IMEI numbers of all the damaged product.

Once we have this information, we will file a claim for you and notify you of the progress of the investigation.

We typically ship our product with UPS. We can however ship with FedEx if necessary. We do not ship with USPS.

We offer all applicable ground and express options offered by UPS and FedEx at our customer's locations.

In order to provide you with a shipping cost we will first need the following information.

What type of product will be shipped and what quantity?

What is the shipping address?

What is the shipping method? ie. UPS Ground vs Next Day Air

Would you like your package insured?

Once we have this information, we can give you an accurate shipping quote.

The buyer is responsible for all costs involved with shipping and receiving a package this includes shipping costs as well as any taxes or fees charged by your country.

We fulfill our orders within 24 hours, however, we will not ship the package until after we have confirmed receipt of payment.

This will vary greatly depending on the shipping method you have requested and the location we are shipping to. Shipping used phones and tablets internationally may be a somewhat lengthy process depending on customs and regulations. Most international shipments will arrive out of country within 3-5 business days.

Yes. We ship our mobile phones worldwide.

We Insure our packages by default for $1000. You may request to have your package fully insured for an upcharge of $7.90 per $1000 insurance.

Incoterms are a pre-defined set of rules that lay out the responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller for delivering goods. You can get detailed information about incoterms at

EXW – Ex Works; This means that the buyer is responsible for the package once it leaves our facility including any and all duties and taxes.

Digi is short for digitizer. It is the part of your phone’s screen that registers where and when you touch the screen.

We use the terms Activation Lock and FRP interchangeably. It means that the previous phone user has not removed their account and that the phone is blocked from being able to go through the set-up menu and use the device. Some examples of this may be Apples iCloud Lock, Samsung Reactivation Lock, Google Account Lock, McAfee, etc.

We use the terms FRP and Activation Lock interchangeably. It is a lock put on the phone by the previous user preventing the phone from being usable. Some examples of this may be Apples iCloud Lock, Samsung Reactivation Lock, Google Account Lock, McAfee, etc.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is essentially the equivalent to the VIN number of a vehicle. It is a unique, usually 15-digit code, that identifies a mobile phone. This number is also used when reporting a phone as lost or stolen and mobile carriers can block a phone from getting service through the IMEI. This is different than your devices Serial Number which is also a unique string of letters and numbers usually used to identify your device specifically for the phone manufacturer.

You can use a devices IMEI number to check to see if it has been reported lost or stolen. There are services that can check multiple phones, but if you are only checking a single phone, there are some free services available such as

Macalegin Electronics of course!