Our Story

MAY 2004
Macalegin Electronics was founded in May of 2004. Until that time, we frequented eBay for personal purchases and sales of household items that we no longer needed. One of the pastors at our church knew we were familiar with eBay and asked us to research smart phones for the staff. Through many hours of research in an attempt to find the best deals for the church, we became quite skilled at buying phones at much lower prices than the average going rate.
This got the wheels turning in our heads. Why not continue to buy phones at lower prices, re-list them on eBay for higher prices, and make some extra cash? We found our first wholesale contact about a month later on eBay. We spent 3-4 hours a day scouring eBay for new suppliers and the work paid off. We now had a large enough product stream to begin selling on eBay full time.
We moved from California to Colorado with the intention of running the business as our primary means of income. We ran the business out of a single car garage. As our eBay business began to grow we received multiple requests from friends, acquaintances, and other eBay sellers to buy from us wholesale. Our product volume began to quadruple and as a result, we were able to move more and more of our inventory through wholesale channels. The single car garage no longer facilitated our growth so we began looking for a new home for the business.
MAR 2007
We moved into a house with a walk out basement. We finished the basement to accommodate the next phase of growth for Macalegin Electronics. With more space available we were able to further accelerate our growth. The increased volume allowed us to make the transition from a blend of retail and wholesale to strictly wholesale. In order to reduce costs for our customers and increase our margins, we began to expand into refurbishing and repair.
During this time, we supplied multiple eBay sellers with their product. In addition, we performed repair and refurbishing work for our wholesale customers.
JAN 2012
We began to phase out the refurbishing portion of the business and began working with multiple companies that preferred to refurbish on their own. This allowed us to once again increase our volumes and also target a new demographic of customer. As volumes began to increase we once again outgrew our basement business, and for the first time in our history, we pursued commercial space.
We purchased our first commercial property. It was much more space than we were used to and we wondered how long it would take for us to make use of it in entirety.
As supply increased so did demand and within about 2 years we were completely out of space. We made the most of the limited room through creative storage options, but we knew that it would not be a long-term solution. We had developed a solid team of repair and QC techs and to use them to their fullest ability we needed more room.
AUG 2016
We moved into our current space. It tripled our existing square footage, and allowed us the much-needed ability to grow. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine how we were able to run the business with our space constraints, but when you are in the daily grind, you make the most of what you have.
We launched our comprehensive database and inventory management system which has allowed to significantly increase volume with dramatically improved efficiency. We currently provide a large number of companies with high quality used devices that are ready to resell or be refurbished. We also make available repair stock units for companies that are equipped to do their own repair work and prefer to have lower initial cost. We are able to offer very large volumes of product for all major carriers on a weekly basis.
What started as a hobby has turned into quite an operation. After purchasing our first smart phone on eBay we certainly had no idea that we would be where we are at today.
We feel blessed to have grown into a successful company. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. Our commitment to excellent customer service has resulted in a reputation that our company is proud of in this industry. We would be honored to have the opportunity to earn your business.