HELP! “No Service” on my iPhone 6.

  • HELP! “No Service” on my iPhone 6.

    HELP! “No Service” on my iPhone 6.

    If you still have an iPhone 6, it may be reaching the end of its life…. or so you thought.

    The iPhone 6 is now starting to develop a range of service issues where your phone will either say “No Service”, “Searching”, or “No Sim” even though there is actually a Sim Card installed.

    It is always a good idea to start with basic troubleshooting of your phone.

    If you’ve already done some of these steps, great job! You are ahead of the curve.
    Start by opening your phone dialer and type in *#06#. Almost immediatley you should see a screen showing your imei.
    *Note: You do not need to press the call button after. It should open up a screen showing your IMEI within about 5 seconds.

    If nothing happens, you likely have a dreaded issue that has started to plague the iPhone 6 users. Don’t give up yet though. Try the following if the IMEI doesn’t show up or if it does, but you are still having issues.

    Try a power-cycle, try a friends sim card, reset network settings.

    As a last ditch effort you can try a factory reset (erase all content and settings)
    *Note, Go to settings > General > About – Check that your phone still shows an IMEI number. If your doesn’t show one, it will be unable to activate again until you get the issue fixed. It will be a very expensive paperweight until then.

    If you are still having issues you will likely need to get a professional repair done. This will likely involve removing a chip on your phone, running new traces to weak pads under that chip, and then replacing that chip back on your phone. It is not an easy repair, and will not be cheap. The good news is that there is a fix and your phone can work again for a good long while after this repair is done if made correctly.

    Below are a couple companies that provide board level repair services for phones. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we recommend you do your own research to find a company that works for you. We not recommend or endorse specific companies. These are simply listed as examples for your convenience.

    You can try to send in you phone to repair to sites like or

    So if your iPhone 6 is starting to have issues, it may not really be time to retire your phone yet. You just need to know what the real issue is and how to fix it.