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    Apple Configurator

    Learn more about this free powerful tool from Apple

    What is it?

    Apple configurator is a program for Mac to program and process multiple devices at once.  It saves time and effort letting the user easily configure one or dozens of iPhones, iPads and even Apple TV devices.  Sometimes we need to make sure we have a batch of phones upgraded to current os, this is a great tool to meet that need.


    Sometimes you need to setup devices to match the exact same configuration, a blueprint helps automate the device configuration with consistency.  Blueprints let you record actions that can be applied to each device, you add configurations and apps to the blueprints to have the system apply the options to devices. 

    Updating Devices

    With the configurator you can update apps, update the IOS or both. 

    Modify Device Information 

    Using configurator you can edit:

    • Number: Adds a number and increments it sequentially
    • Serial Number: Adds the serial number
    • Type: Adds the device type
    • Capacity: Adds the storage capacity
    • Port: Adds the port type
    • Station: Adds the name of the Apple Configurator station

    Erasing Content and Settings

    There are many functions we won’t touch onConfiguratorbut this one is handy for wholesale if you need to make sure every item coming through your doors is cleared and clean.  Choose the device you want, choose actions then advanced and erase all content and settings. 


    To use apple configurator you need a Mac with macOS 10.2.5 or later, iTunes 12.7.2 or later.